Town Clerk/Administration

The Town Clerk is appointed by the Board of Trustees and provides staff support to the Mayor and Board of Trustees. The Clerk is responsible for preparing and posting agendas for the Board of Trustee meetings. The Clerk is required to attend all meetings of the Board and keep a “true and accurate” record of the Board’s proceedings through the written minutes of each meeting. Town Clerk is also responsible for issuing licenses, overseeing local elections, vital statistics, open records and assuring the transparency of the municipality's conduct of business.

The Finance Office manages the Town’s financial accounting system. This system is used to account for all revenues and expenditures maintain, monitor, control, and report all activity to ensure the Town’s financial integrity.

​The Finance Department is also responsible for:

   •  Administering the Town’s annual budget

   •  Accounts payable and accounts receivable

   •  Managing cash flow and investment functions according to the Town’s investment policy

   •  Preparing monthly reports for department heads and the town Board of Trustees on the financial condition of the Town.